Stop playing catch-up
re-focus your goals
start making a difference


About Aquanova

We opened our doors in 2009, developing traditional and new media campaigns that helped brands engage their customers better.

In the 11 years since, we’ve worked with prominent brands in the automotive, healthcare, insurance, telco, FMCG, finance and tourism industries on a variety of successful branding and digital marketing projects.

Today, Aquanova works closely with Corporate Leaders to develop their marketing strategies. Our work revolves primarily around Revenue Generation, Cost Management, New Market Entry, Technology & Innovation, Channel & Media, Customer Experience and Customer Acquisition & Retention.
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Our Promise

Do you feel like your business is in an eternal cycle of playing catch-up? That your marketing unit is constantly struggling to deliver, in a landscape that’s changing faster than you can keep up? Never mind your competitors, your customers are already steps ahead of you. You’ve had experts, consultants and agencies come and go, but you know that you could do so much better. You believe in your product, your game, your place on this planet. You know you can still make that difference you first set out to do. So, who do you turn to? How do you take charge again?

We are here to show you how your business can really fly when you have the right guidance, and everyone’s singing from the same sheet.

Our scope of work covers the broader gambit of marketing, by instituting a value offering of trust, assurance, guidance, direction, innovation and inspiration in your organisation that ensures long-term continuity and success.

Here’s how we are changing the world for you.

We pitch in

We take a more involved and invested approach towards your business. We take ownership, hold positions of responsibility and have KPIs set upon us, so when you do well, we do too.

To Make it easier

Our presence solves problems without creating new ones. We adopt your business goals, and put fresh perspective on how to get there the quickest way possible.

To take that leap

With the right people, skills, processes and vision, the sky’s the limit. Stop playing catch-up, re-focus your intent, and start making a difference in achieving your goals.